Welcome to the on-line locker management system for Burnaby Central Secondary School.

Student accounts have been created for access to the system. Your student number is your user id and your birthdate is your password in the format of MMDDYYYY.

For example:

If your student number is 12345 and your birthday is Sept 29, 2002, your LOGIN = 12345 and your PASSWORD = 09292002

Please contact the office if you have any issues loging in.



A2 = Middle wing, main floor (Student Commons, Cafeteria, School Store,  Main office)

A3 = Middle wing, top floor (Library, Outreach)

B1 = South wing, bottom floor (Music, Art, Auto, Wood, Languages)

B2 = South wing, main floor (Bussiness, Computer labs, Dance, Drama)

B3 = South wing, top floor (Science, ELL)

C2 = North wing, main floor (SS, Foods, Textiles)

C3 = North wing, top floor (English, Weight room)